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The one-stop-shop for your Pub or Inn.

Modern property management software operates on the cloud, meaning it only needs an internet connection to operate and can be used on any device such as a desktop, laptop, or smartphone. The software also enables two-way communication between different features such as the front desk, channel manager, and booking engine, sharing data and updating automatically in real-time whenever you want to make changes.

"Always excellent service, helpful & friendly. Nothing is ever to much trouble."
Jayne - Inn Style Customer
"Great software that we have used for a number of years. Really user friendly! Keep up the great developments."
Heaton House - Inn Style Customer
"InnStyle has really helped us achieve our goals and objectives with our business, it works on a practical level and makes day to day management extra easy."
Louise - Inn Style Customer
"We were looking for a new PMS system that did the same of our previous supplier, but with the after sales & customer care. Inn Style ticked all the boxes! There system was easy to use and integrated with our other systems easily. The big plus for us was their after sales and support department."
Shaun - Inn Style Customer
Post Stay Emails

Customised Emails

Make the most of every opportunity to interact with your guests with simple-to-customise, automated emails. Perfect for any busy Pub or Inn.

Four Seasons Inn


customised emails



Oh. It's a breeeeeeeeze.

Make the most of our email customisation tool in order to take full control over how you communicate with your guests, throughout the booking process. Free up hours of time spent sending individual emails, with automated emails set up to touch base with guests throughout their journey. Automated communication, simplified.

Detailed Closures

Detailed Closures

Using detailed closures, you can close your availability to the public (and your staff will see why).

Detailed Closures 1
You can see why rooms are blocked off at your Pub.

Once you’ve blocked off the inventory you need, you can tell the system if it’s closed for maintenance or reserved for wedding guests.

You have total flexibility over the information displayed on your dashboard, saving you time by visually displaying these details and keeping your team in the know.

Direct Bookings

Direct Bookings

Revolutionise your business with an all-in-one integrated booking engine, simplifying the customer experience, increasing conversions and boosting your revenue. Our easily-integrated system allows you to easily sell rooms at your pub or inn, converting “looks” to “books” in seconds.

Whitelee Farm Booking 01
Embedded directly onto your existing website.

Say “farewell” to those hefty OTA commissions and start taking direct bookings straight from your website, providing a smooth and streamlined booking experience your guests will love.

Completely customisable.

The booking journey is completely customisable to your Pub or Inn’s branding and website colours, making it completely your own. Encourage repeat bookings through strong brand identity throughout the customer booking experience.

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channel manager

Channel Manager

Inn Style’s simple Channel Manager gives you the ability to connect your Pub or Inn to hundreds of channels. OTA fees are hefty enough so, once you’re connected to your preferred channels, taking channel bookings is completely free with Inn Style. 

direct integrations

Automatic distribution to all your channels in one place...

Access additional revenue by connecting to Booking.com, Expedia, Google Hotels and Siteminder for unparalleled control over the distribution of your rooms, rates, availability and pricing. Use Inn Style’s easy-to-use two-way iCal functionality to manage reservation data with hundreds of channels, completely free of charge.

Guest View

Guest View

Take advantage of Inn Style’s Guest View to see what your Pub or Inn looks like to from your guests’ perspective.

Settle Norfolk
As you’re making changes to your pub or inn's booking journey, you can switch to guest view to preview the changes you’re making in real-time.

No more having to publish your changes before being able to see them live on your website with Guest View.

It’s now just a click of a button. Simple.

Guest View 1 1
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Kobas Integration

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Pubs & Inns cross-functional management, simplified

Inn Style’s connection with ePOS provider Kobas gives you the ability to open tabs with guest stay details and rooms, process prepayments, update reservations with bar/restaurant spend, itemise statements, and pull in payments for tabs that have already been paid, all by pressing “Check in” on Inn Style.


User Roles

Manage your staff access for complete control.

With no restrictions on how many users you set up, you can provide each staff member at your Pub/Inn their own access via their email address, allowing you to track reservation changes and updates by staff member.

Easily choose which permissions you want each staff member to have access to at your hotel, either using the Inn Style user roles or by setting up your own customised roles. 

user roles
booking protection desktop

Powered by:


We've partnered with XCover to provide your guests with simple, stress-free Booking Protection.

booking protection mobile

Your guests can confidently cancel their booking and receive a refund, and you keep the full prepaid value of the room cost (if a guest cancels) – plus you get to resell the room.

extensions store


extensions store
Customise your PMS to suit your property. Simple.

We’re forever updating our system with new features and enhancements, some of these are tailor-made for Pubs and Inns but some are better suited to other property types.

Inn Style’s simple to implement Extensions allow you to easily toggle between the features you want to use, when you want to use them. When we add something new to our system, we’ll put it here so you can easily access the latest technology.

Optional Extras 1

Optional Extras

We’ve made it easy for your guests to add to their stay at your Pub or Inn with Optional Extras.

Excellent upsell.

Creating the opportunity for your guests to book extras with their stay is an excellent opportunity to upsell for your Pub or Inn. These extras are easy to add, update and delete, making it easy to change things up with each season or even for one-off events.

optional extras 1

Site Image – Blythrise Stays

optional extras essentials 1
Great for the essentials too...

You can also use this feature to simplify your guest communication by making them aware of compulsory extras, like booking fees or cleaning fees.

Post Stay Emails

Post Stay Emails

Add that personal touch and get repeat bookings.
post stay emails
Build your property's brand with customised post-stay emails.

A booking doesn’t stop when the guest leaves…

Customise your post-stay emails with this handy feature, leaving a lasting impression after your guests have left your establishment.

Learn More

From your customer's experiences after their stay is complete and gather there feedback using Inn Style's dynamic reviews feature, or simply send them to your third-party review site.

Increase Revenue

Using Inn Style's awesome Secret Codes feature to get your guests booking again. Simply send them a secret code which will give them a one-off personalised rate. Simple.

Be Recognisable

By asking your guests to follow you on social media platforms, sign up to your newsletter or simply use post-stay emails to thank them for their stay.

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